Oskar Christian is an acclaimed  composer, guitar player and a music-producer with a musical inspiration of latin and hispanic to international cultural ethnics of this world. That has spanned than two decades, further he has become respected as one of the guitarists in world/fusion and latin/jazz with his own style. The guitarist participated at international cultural presentations, influenced basicly from spain, usa, mexico , asia; nothing more  as a musical cultural spirit with a breath of change  among latin and hispanic composers  leading to international known artists /society . His style starts with flamenco (rumba, buleria, zambra)    goes into  samba, bossanova to son (huapango, walts) as mariachi
( huasteco, jarocho, bolero,etc. ) as latin/jazz to oriental/gypsy swing

1982 playing with georg lawall from germany, Jose munoz y jose monje (Camaron de la isla) in spain andalucia.
1985 duo with john cougar mellencamp in california
1986 he played in italia sardinia in cagliari and sasseri in the tv.-station videolinia and videogiovane and could earn several prices,recording 1.video.
1987 produced the records 6 years around and ty he herons in turino italy.
1988 composes the music to the history"Mutter Karst",of Peter Handke for the radio, tv.of Italy R.A.I., from sizily to milan - 
1989 participated in the festival of middle-ages in narni,Umbria in the theatre.
1992 participated in the festival of oranges in northern Italy.
1993 june,participated in the festival of gitanes,-flamenco in france.
1996 participated in the festival and the fundation of the Recordcompany named"Musicconnection" in Szombathely in Hungary.
1997 participated in the festival of the vendemia in swizerland. production of the music and video of Nayarit and partricipated in the carneval of teneriffa in spain.
1998 produces and composes the record "Best of....,Mexican Flamenco & Country Rock"
1999studies of flamenco with director Rafael Juen, in the University of guanajuato and studies of traditional folk and fusion of diferent cultures directed by Edith Gonzalez Torres and musical fusion with the Master Ubaldo Miranda Felix
2000 21 of dec.participated with the duo "Magic Guitars" in N.D.3 Norddeutsche Rundfunk
2001 07.07record the record "Magic Guitars"
2002 produced te doublealbum "magic guitars & The best of"-"guitars and songs!
2002 31.ag.12 sept.played in a solo-concierto of the theatro peralta and the museum of arts in Mazatlan.
2002 5,9 de october played in a solo-concierto of the museum of coronel and the plaza goitia in zacatecas,mexico.
2002 12 of october played the solo-concierto in the casa de cultura of guadalupe,in zac.,in mexico
2002 21 of november presented one solo-concert in the 2?festival of santa cecilia in Tlaltenango,chapell of the barrio of santa cruz.
2002 14 th of dicember presented a flamenco - concerto in Comala in the theater of the village, in the festival of the Charro Taurinas.
2002 17 th of dicember presentation of a guitar concert in Tepetchitlan in the theatre of the village - cultur-festival.
2002 26 th of dicember presentation of a solo - mexican-bossa-flamenco concert in Coquimatlán,Col.,
2003 18 th of jannuary presentation of a flamenco-solo concerto in the 5 th festival cultural in the town of Colima ,mex.
2003 15 th of february presentation of a flamenco-bossa-son concerto in the church of Guadalupe,Manzanillo
2003 28 th of february presentation of flamenco-solo -concerto in the front of the arqueological museum by the univercity of manzanillo y club "amigos del arte ".
2004 23rd of january, cultural guitar-solo-concerto  [flamenco-bossa-son and jazz] of the historical  center  of manzanillo in the cityhall
2004 1th of may concerto in villa de alverez at 8 o´clock in the culturhouse with the duo of austro-mex oskar christian and gerardo escobar. Colima Mexico.
2004 12nd & 25th of june cultural evento muggia (trieste) in Italy From 7.30 pm - 8 pm
2004 15th & 17th of july cultural event in lerici , porto venere liguria in italy from 7- 9 pm
2004 12nd agost porto vecchio francia santa ghiulia, cultural beach event, france (corsica) 11 am - 1 pm
2004 4th - 12nd september cultural event in lago di garda , italy 8 pm - 10 pm
2005 19 - 31 april event every day from 20:00 - 22:00 Hrs. in "Mayan Palace" Hotel Resort, Puerto Vallarta, México.with the percusionist (armando-pillo)& guitarist (Oskar Christian)
2005 Lago di Garda (italy) production of a videoclip (dvd) subtiteled HOMBRES DE LA FRONTERA Y LANCIA MONETE, from the album of magic guitars, BORDER DREGGS AND A COIN TOSSERS TUNE.
2006 2nd march 8.pm in concert in Puerto Vallarta in the culturehouse (center cultural cuale)with his new proyect called Oskar Christian "Art Proyect".Percusion (Gerardo Escobar), Flute (Alonso Guerrero), Flamenco-´dancer (Maria José Maraña), guitar (Oskar Christian).
2007 27th of mai Festival in the center of Leoben, Austria with Oskar christian "art proyect" with habib samandi (persusionist with buena vista social club etc.) and as well the the same stage as the rocklegend "opus".
2007 7th september event in desenzano lago di garda with titti castrini gypsy-jazz band, painter and writer moschini, cultural-multi event.
2007 9th of october concert in the culturehouse of colima with oskar christian "art proyect" part with gerardo escobar
2008 15th of may event in san pancho,nayarit (percussion (carlos) & guitar (oskar christian), duett;
2008 3rd of june event in de lobby of the hotel decameron Fabulous duett (edgar (bass) & oskar christian (guitar). 
2008 of dicember cultural event in punta de mita with art proyect,
2009 4th of february , guayabitos, nayarit; guitar - dance & magaritha challenge compitition in guayabitos, winning 1. price, among 200 participations with sara melina (incredible arabic-flamenco dancer), oskar christian (with his magic guitar), delma (fastest shakers) from latidude 21, in piña colada.
2009 14 th february event in benjas tacos and steakhouse,  with oskar christian "Art Proyect " with dany (the octapus, pianist), nery (with his andinos instruments), oskar christian ( with his magic guitar), gathering a big audience from canada, in lo de marcos,
2009 february latidude 21, guitar/dance show, sara melina (dancer) & oskar christian (guitar),  in advance reservations booked. 
2009, march ceci bon event in san pancho, oskar christian (guitar), nery (percussion, flute), and sara melina (dancer) show in san pancho centro.
2009, 15th march event in polo s stadio and stage, (centro, san pancho), nayarit; with oskar christian "Art Proyect", dany (the octapus, piano), nery ( with his andinos instruments), oskar christian (guitar);
2009  big atack of violency against musicians in the city of LAZISE (verona)- (italy), result =  huerting,, violenting   both hands  seriousely, no possibilities of any art proyects in the moments  for motives of  rehabilitations..
2010 31 jannuary benefits event for the schools in mexico,in la peñita de jaltemba, rosalba (dancer), oskar christian (guitar),
2010 7th of february duett with adan (percussion & bass), oskar christian (guitar)
2010, february 12th stage of polo live trio cuban flute, percussion (armando abreu), guitar (oskar christian)
2010 march    7th trio with ( drums )dannyYU, (dance) rosalba, ( guitar), oskar christian.in latidude 21, guayabitos, nayarit;
2010 july events on the lake of garda & corsica with latin guitar ( oskar christian) and african percussion (mame birane)
2010 15 august in moneglia near porto fino, italy with willy & arte (percusssion) art event.
2010 - now actually new proyects are certain with "Art Proyect" new videoclips & audio themes remember such as "Ry cooder, Eagles, Gypsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert, Jessy Cook, Buena Vista Social Club, Paco Renteria, Paco de lucia, .Django Reinhard, rosenberg trio; On the south pacific beach, between bahia banderas and  Guayabitos beach
2010 international meetings - with featered bamboleo (gypsy kings fountations) scott (saxophone), carlos ( clappings, percussion guitar), oskar christian (guitar)
2011. 4th. abril nueva vallarta riú´s palace live event under -  jewish wedding piano/guitar  salsa/flamenco fusion   with (dany el pulpo "chavetta", ) piano, (oskar christian) guitar
2012. 6th january playing dany el pulpo (piano) & oskar christian (guitar) in ikuai - marina de la cruz de huatulco,
2012 13th january presenting event with pedro (cajon & drums) with oskar christian ( guitar ) in la marina de la cruz de huatulco, pacificcoast of nayarit ikuai
2012, 14th presentation of a  benefitsconcert for the comunity of la cruz de huanacaxtle, "solo guitar" oskar christian (guitar) with a blues improv. for the village people of la cruz de huatulco
2012, 20th january presentation of guitar and percusion show with berna ( chembey) latin fusion such as samba, rhumba, son, arabesca
2012  27th january presentation in ikuai o. christian (guitar) & berna (chembey) life in the pacificcoast la cruz de huanacaxtle, marina de ikuai.
2012  3th of february presentation with oskar christian (guitar) & berna (chembey), rosalba (dancer) in la marina de la cruz de huanacaxtle ikuai.
2012 4th of february presentation on a boatdrive live on the coast of nayarit of some original songs of oskar christian art proyect
2012 played in italy summer season events arround italy,
2012 22nd of nov.  getting together with jarochos and huastecos, such as a jarocho compitition best from 6 states of mexico in the state of hidalgo, such as studings with the only jarocho school of colima with the master gazpario of winning friend by now.
2012 exchangis wit several groups in cordoba, vera cruz several styles and exchanging experiances with maestros from that states such as grana instruments handcrafted instruments builders.
2013 01 -03 working on the new album pacificcoast proyect 2013, guitarra de oro, talking about an album with famouse songs such as mariachi, jazz standard romantical, flamenco styles and jarocho such as instrument the guitar as the main instrument and melody.
will be finished at end of march untill middle of abrill..

2014 finishing of the production of the album called guitarra de oro,
the production of the record was made with no one else as "alberto escobar" the composer of "coincidir".
12.2014 live events such cultural presentation latin fusion as gypsy jazz.

a new song composed by "oskar christian"called bahias de tangos will be prepared for 2015 in a new album and offered to the world.
is a mix of bossanova and tango, mexican touch
09.2015 big success in composers competitions with imsta composer edition programs company such as steinberg, with the song ¨entre mar y cielo - oskar christian¨
entre mar y cielo - oskar christian
from thousands composers in new york oskar christian was chosen to the finalists as one of the best composers, with his rumba composition..

  • original compositions which were in the charts, (produced, composed and played by oskar christian).songs such as in the new album, guitarra de oro presetation live in mar de jade at the 30.1.2015.
  • by oskar christian with guitar, requinto, vihuela, st asyles as mariachi, flamenco, samba, gypsy jazz, jarocho fusion- lati as .nice surprice and big success for mar de jades clients -  guitarra de oro - oskar christian
  • 2017 - playing in culturehouse 
  • 2018 - may 16 - every wednesday playing in majestic palace part of sun hotels - chains in italy lake of garda  live - such as oskar christian - latin guitar 
  • 2018 .8  LIVE - oskar christian reached with this public event = link -oskar christian LIVE at DESENZANO public event as " EL GITANO MARIACHI"
  • after playing some month in majestic palace - sun hotels around the lake of garda  0ver 20000 people through
  • 2018.3.19 oskar christian the"gypsy mariachi" interviewed live by jose adrian rangel guerrero& plays fandanguillo/"malagueña" llegando a huapango - "mariachi" on radio tv on antena noticias, escarabajos tv in guadalajara metropole center (10mio), mexico 
  • oskar christian el"gitano mariachi" plays fandanguillo/"malagueño"- "huapango-mariachi" on radio Tv - antena noticias, escarabajo in guadalajara metropole (10mio.), mexico
  • 2020 country rock revival recorded in covid started time from 1989 - youtube channel   BUT IN MY WORLD by Oskar Christian
  • very new composition travellers united bass, drums, piano backing tracks to the song made by the creator
  • by oskar christian sharing backing tracks to the song on irealpro/oskarchristian please verify the whole song on youtube, facebook