oskar christian gitano mariachi - plays latin guitar

santo remedio, santo remedio - guayabitos area, Rincón de guayabitos

oskar christian - el gitano mariachi plays latin guitar with percussion every friday from 6 pm nayarit time flamenco, huapango, samba-bossa, mariachi - gypsy - combined as one. / compositions https://www.facebook.com/carlo.andreis/videos/10210627226346328/ radio & tv interview in guadalajara city live - malagueña live fb:https://www.facebook.com/oskar.christian/videos/10156292339962491/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia3dIuH06R0 latin guitar solo - autumn leaves YUOTUBE; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqT4F8XAUf4 FACEBOOK; https://www.facebook.com/gitano.mariachi/videos/vb.189856151126694/1201370379975261/?type=2&theater

These songs are composed, arranged, produced such as mastered by oskar christian.
ALL exclusive rights reserved to the producer .